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Performance Monitoring


This is a beta FlutterFire plugin and therefore is not yet production quality.

What does it do?#

Firebase Performance Monitoring is a service that helps you to gain insight into the performance characteristics of your iOS, Android, and web apps.


1. Add dependency#

sdk: flutter
firebase_core: "^0.7.0"
firebase_performance: "^0.5.0+1"

2. Download dependency#

$ flutter pub get

3. (Web Only) Add the SDK#

If using FlutterFire on the web, add the firebase-performance JavaScript SDK to your index.html file:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

4. Rebuild your app#

Once complete, rebuild your Flutter application:

$ flutter run

Next Steps#

Once installed, you're ready to start using Performance Monitoring in your Flutter Project.

Additional documentation will be available once the Firebase Performance Monitoring plugin update lands as part of the FlutterFire roadmap.